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As of September, 2004, this site is on a hiatus of unknown length. Everything that's up will stay up, but nothing knew will be added.

In fact, Cheshire's fanfiction in general is on hiatus. Reposts can be found at her fanfic livejournal. When she does start writing again, you'll be able to find a knew fanfiction page at her own site,

Any questions or comments can be directed to her email.

Otherwise, continue into the site:


All written works presented here are property of Cheshire, unless otherwise noted. All original works that the fanfictions are written off of are property of their owners. Non profit.
Fanfic: All characters protrayed in these fics are fictional characters. Any depiction to any person or event in real life is purely coincidence. All characters depicted are works belonging to their respective owners and are used without permission - but used in the purposes of fanworks and utter love and worship for the characters and their respective series. These are works of fan fiction and are meant as works of praise to the original authors, at no point is any money being made from this. These are works of love to celebrate the amazing works of these series.
All characters protrayed in these fics are of legal and consenting age when appropriate situation applies.