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Both Tarot Plain and Simple and Horary Astrology Plain and Simple can be found at most bookstores. They can also be ordered online from:


Lessons on Horary and Electional Astrology

Astrology and the Tarot

Numerology and the Tarot

Horary Astrology Glossary (English Version)

On Astrological Geomancy

"There is no compelling astrological evidence that science is anything more than a modern superstition." 1

Topics of Interest:

  • Horary Astrology
  • Vocational Astrology
  • Psychology and Astrology/Tarot
  • Tarot
  • I Ching
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Tao Te Ching

Works by Anthony Louis:

  • Horary for Beginners  (1997) is a workbook published by Carol Wiggers of the Horary Practitioner.  This is a fairly complete, brief, and simple introduction to traditional horary astrology, the art of answering pressing personal questions based on the horoscope of the moment.
  •  Horary Astrology Plain and Simple (Llewellyn, 1998) is a revision of my 1991 book on horary, containing many new charts as well as revised and updated material.  Bruce Scofield called the first edition "a sophisticated work, destined to become a classic," and Joan McEvers commented that "this is quite likely the best book ever written on horary astrology." 
  • Tarot Plain and Simple  (1996) published by Llewellyn illustrated with the Robin Wood Tarot deck.  Rita Baker, CTM, of the American Tarot Association (Nov/Dec, 1997) commented that the author "really does a nice job of bringing it all together. This is a good book for beginners as well as experts. His handling of the Major Arcana is outstanding. [...] 'Tarot Plain and Simple' is a wonderful book for helping new readers get in touch with the cards."

    In December of 1999, Llewellyn will publish a Spanish language version of this text entitled Aprenda Como Leer El Tarot.         

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1 This quote is a paraphrase of the title of a paper by Stephen James, Astral Engineer: "There is really no astrological evidence that science is anything more than a medieval superstition." The title of this paper led to astrology being taught at a State University, a significant accomplishment in modern astrological history.