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to read more on the Heroin Epidemic
connection to Missing Person cases

Would using unmanned drones or Satellite picture taking technology have
helped find Amy
read about that possibility on this page


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You are the

Visitor to this page since it was Put Online
Saturday - Sept 15th 2012 AT 9:33 P.M.

While this case has been publisized for almost 4 years
this page has and still as of June 27th 2016
gets many views per day

Amy Kristine Charron IS NO Longer MISSING --- see UPDATE

It appears she just went into hiding

Read what I have found below


In any case This page was built to get Amy's Face Out
- that is what mattered while she was "missing"

Houston Police say Amy contacted them and made a statement to them
Which was "I did not want to be found" tells it ALL

This page presents updated details

Of course NO ONE has to tell anyone anything
BUT when police are involved in a case
and taxpayer money is expended - Wouldn't most people OFFER AN EXPLANATION ?

Will Amy be made to make restitution ? - I doubt it

The story will be known when and IF
Amy decides to tell us how or why she "disappeared"
AND WHY she decided to finally 'notify police she was O.K.' After weeks
Of leaving others in the dark and thinking the worst

I extend an invitation to Amy OR her "Abductors" to
come forward and stop this
and I offer all my help to tell their side of the story
Just contact me from the email link below


On Sept 20th I emailed HuffingtonPost Journalist David Lohr and asked him to delve into Amy's 'Disappearnace"
Less than 24 hours later on Sept 21st, 2012 came the emergence of
David Lohr's Article
with the statement by the Houston Police

There had been NO other on line mention of Amy BEING MISSING
except on Face Book and a few comments on BB's -- Until my web site WAS BUILT

subsequently after I notified David Lohr, his Article appeared

Need a page for your case ?

See pages we have built at NO Cost


I am "FindingMissing" On Face Book

I have no dog in this fight
Just reporting what I know and have found

-- The Houston Police have released a statement saying
she has COME FORWARD and "she did not want to be found and does NOT
want to talk to the media"
and that is NOT unusual in some cases
although some bent minds see that as
the Police being in a conspiracy to hide the facts


I sympathized with Amy

This latest episode started with a post on Amy's Face Book PAGE
SAYING 'Amy is Missing'
Whomever posted it is unknown and seems
to have been using a false I.D.

Why would they post a notice of her being missing with out offering any proof or details ????

As of Sept 2012 Amy had been battling
with Child Protective Service and the State Of Texas
for over three and 1/2 years to get her daughter back
one must consider: are the people she is up against
responsible for the reports of her abduction ?
But why would they create false stories which
would bring more media attention to Amy's plight ?

This is one of the strangest cases I have ever been involved with

I hope my suspicions are wrong BUT there was no proof either way
just postings of conflicting info online ---

IF you have any info please send it to me so we can set the record straight
Do NOT send = your "there is a conspiracy" -- paranoia bougois
- Just facts with proof

CLICK HERE to Contact US


I just report what I find

Amy Charron
was reported Missing from Houston Texas Aug 29th 2012
- If you believe her Face Book Pages
Who would know she was missing and Not report it to the police or the many many media outlets available ?

Her main Face Book page has been removed and replaced with this one
A Child Protective Service ( cps ) Reality Show
here is the URL =
https://www.facebook.com/amycharron.cpsrealityshow ????

note the "amycharron.realityshow"

I was on her other page --
"AmyCharron" at 10:30 p.m. Weds Sept 19th 2012 when it was taken down
- who would/can do that ????



Until David Lohr's, article -- there were NO articles on line
offering any proof of her ever being Missing

Would the many Network Shows and 5 Local Houston TV stations -
and numerous NEWSPAPERS AND radio stations in JUST the Houston Media
and THE Police conspire to hide the story of a high profile MISSING WOMAN ?

There are paranoid people crawling out of the woodwork on Face Book
read some of the commentors "About Me" pages
and you will see some very mentally challenged info
One guy has a warning about "If I am ever missing -- FEMA is responsible" etc etc


Now Back to the case Of "Amy Charron" missing / found
Were the rumors and reports of her being missing from people
who just want to gain sympathy for Amy
and muddy the waters in her long running child custody case
against the State of Texas ????


Are were they from the same people who were saying Amy is a mental case ?

I have CALLED Houston Police Department and they said they will NOT comment
I did a Houston Police Department site search for "Amy Charron" and her daughter
about AMY even being Missing - NOTHING

I googled 'Amy Charron Missing Houston Texas"
AND There were NO stories online WHICH OFFER any PROOF
-- ANYWHERE about her even being Missing
again, there are a few postings on obscure Bulletin Boards
saying she was missing and found
and that info came from someone using the online I.D. "Cpsrs": -- is that = "Cpsrealityshow" or Child Protective Services Reality Show -- ?

Again -- I contacting David Lohr -
prominent Crime Journalist for The Huffington Post and expert guest on Nancy Graces Show
To see if he could get any info

Here is what he wrote on this case within 24 hours
Thanks David, for Helping educate others about this case


There are four possible scenarios - 1st Amy was abducted and was being held
and forced to give her on line passwords
so they could access her accounts


Someone fabricated the story -- that is shameful
and that person should be tracked down and prosecuted

This an effort to continue to try discredit Amy
In her battle to get her daughter back ???

OR --- and this is the only other possibility: Amy just wanted to get away
and failed to tell anyone
But the question of her abandoning her dog looms large

It is Now

Amy Charron Had Been Missing Since Aug 29TH 2012

Most of The info in the Amy Charron Section of this page
was taken from other Pages on Amy's Case
AND some of her online postings and from Amy's Face Book Page postings
Many of her posts get mysteriously deleted after a few Hours


Please Help And
Share This Page on Facebook PLEASE


Parental Rights Activist AMY CHARRON
was erroneously reported MISSING FROM HOUSTON, TEXAS.

The facts are still not clear


Amy Charron and her daughter Before her daughter was taken from her in March 2009 )

Amy's Daughter was taken from Amy March 16, 2009
because Amy says she went to the hospital (St. Luke’s) to report a CRIME
committed by her mother and step-father ( of which she presented foundational proof )

Amy Has been in a battle with The Governor of Texas, The Courts and Child Protective Services
since March 2009 trying to get her daughter back

Please Read another of Amy Charron's Stories HERE

There are Multiple Links seen at the top of this link
documenting her long time struggle to get help
Help find Amy Charron

There have even been accusations Amy's Disappearance is a staged attempt to draw attention to her case
And I don't blame her

We need to find her

There was/is a concerted effort to draw Amy as a mentally ill women
I have no indication of that im my dealing with her

Who was doing this ?
-- Those she was/is battling

Is her going missing in ANY way connected to her confrontations with the system ?????

UPDATE: Jodi Silva, a spokeswoman for The Houston Police Department,
is now reporting Amy Charron has been found safe.
"I just got a call from an investigator who told me that Amy Charron was located," Silva said.
"She's with a friend. [The investigator] had not updated his official report.
He has met with her and he saw her in person.
She's fine. She had chosen not to be found or talk with anyone."


Contact CNN AND HLN shows through this link

Contact Nancy Grace - Jane Mitchell - ALL THE OTHER Shows
ask them to help

Grace would be very happy to find out this was a hoax


Who notified police she was Missing ?
What proof did the person reporting her gone present to verify her as missing ?
There are many questions that need to be answered

In my opinion since she was in the final stages of her case to get her daughter back
it is possible someone has abducted her to silence her
Are the police lax in their duties ????
She has filed so many reports since March of 2009
The police may just NOT pay any attention to the report of her being missing
- is that good police work ???? Not in my book

Houston Police Tip Line
(713) 884-3131

I will add more info As I get it --- Please SEND proof if you send any info
PLEASE use 'ctrl" "d" to bookmark this page

Here is another ONE OF
Amy Charrons Current Face Book Pages
Not the same one that was taken down IN 2012
the other was "AmyCharron"


Again: If you are Amy Charron
Contact me and I will help tell your side of the story
I will hold our communications as privileged
To anyone else:
if you are reading this page and have any information
on Amy Charron 's disappearance send it and supply proof

CLICK HERE to Contact US


End Of Amy Charron Section


We have a solution to the Missing Person scourge that is sweeping Our Country
- Read the links presented below and educate yourself as to how YOU
satellite picture technology put in place

Click Here to read the scenarios on how
satellites can help find the missing


and add your voice by signing the Petition found on the links PLEASE



We fully understand the usefulness of HLN host Grace putting the face of the missing on TV
and thank them as Ms Grace is among the very few that give
any exposure to the missing in the mainstream media
BUT We can NOT understand why they refuse to tell their viewers
about the petition and allow those viewers to decide
if using existing unmanned drone or satellite
picture taking and transmitting technology
to find the missing and reduce other crimes
is something they would like to see in place

We would hope the Show host would reconsider at least mentioning the petition

Plus Nancy has ignored us after repeatedly
( and I mean many many snail mail Letters, emails and messages
sent to HLN's Contact Links asking,
why don't they show Picture in Picture during their broadcasts which would at least give more exposure for the cases
of the missing
We have seen enough of Nancy 's Darling Children

I repeat, Please Please Sign the Petition


to ask the media to educated the public about the technology
and help get the System put in place




This next section presents information about more
missing person cases-

It also presents this LINK to a Prayer Group page for the missing
Please add your voice to the prayers
Join the Prayer Group to find the missing

You will find info about safety devices to help protect your loved ones

And we have included links to info on other cases



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AND just send the tweet which has been propagated for you

Diana Zacarias is Missing
She has not been seen since 04/02/2016
near the bus terminal at the
South Rim of the Grand Canyon

Please help and Pray for her safe return

If you have ANY info

Click Here to send your email

and I will forward it to her family

If you know someone who visited
the Grand Canyon around that time
PLEASE show them this page

If Diana sent you any pictures on April 2nd
make sure you send them

I will also post any new developments
on this page as soon As they are received by me


Diana Zacarias, who lives in Louisiana,
is a 22 year old Hispanic female
and is 5ft 2 in tall, she weighs between 100-105 pounds.
She has a little mole on the right side of her forehead
she wears glasses and she has a surgical scar on the back of her neck
Diana Zacarias has Very short hair.

On the day she went missing
she was probably wearing black leggings,
purple fleece jacket, black hiking boots
and a pink lacoste baseballl hat.

Among her belongings are a T- shirt that says
"Pray More - Worry Less"
and probably she is wearing a small silver religious medal.


During My research I have uncovered a troubling fact
there are thousands of unsolved Missing Persons
who have gone missing in Our National Parks System

There is no central data base
and no one knoes how many people are / have gone missing

The Park Service says they don't have the money
to thoroughly investigate the cases

Local police have no jurisdiction
and are rarely called in to help find the missing persons
because most of the National Parks are so remote
the local police are small operations ( 2 to 5 men )

Please help get some exposure for this problem
we give billions to foreign countries
and then say we don't have funds to take care of our own citiznes

There is a grave injustice in that

How does one go about Getting the attention of the TV netwok shows like Dateline and 20/20
I have not been successful in my attempts


Here are some other pages on which
I have listed Diana Zacarias ' case

Diana's case is also listed on the following links
For the Missing Minority Page I built
My page for Missing Michelle Parker
And the Prayer Group for Missing Persons
Plus many other of the pages I have built

Missing Minorities
These Cases Need to be solved
Missing Minority Victims
Click HERE
for more Information

Help Solve These Cases


Kathy La Madrid
is Missing
Click HERE for more Details

Help The Family Find Her


Michelle Parker -
Missing Orlando FL 2011
Click HERE for more Details

Help the Family Solve this case


We Will Build a Page for Your Missing Person Case
Examples of the pages we have built


Join the Prayer Group
for the Missing
Click HERE for more Details

Join Us
Pray for Missing Persons

The link on the pages looks like the following For
Diana Zacarias :

Diana Zacarias 's Case Needs to be solved
Last seen near South Rim of Grand Canyon
April 1st 2016
Click HERE for more Information

Help the Family Solve this case



I received this plea for help on
Tue, 10 May 2016
I immediately added links to Levoy Taljit on the Prayer Group for the Missing pages
And on some of my other Missing Person Cases Pages

Subject: Prayer Page
From: sylvina.williams1@gmail.com
To: prayerpage@yahoo.com
Good night
I read your Group Prayers Site for the Missing
and I'm asking your help
in praying for my son Levoy Taljit
Lavoy went missing since December 2012.
I am desperate for answers and hope your prayers help
Thank you.

Read more about this case HERE

Taljit's abandoned Toyota Raum
was found on a trail about 20 miles
off the Soesdyke/Linden Highway.



If you have a missing loved one
and would like them added to the Prayer Group for Missing Persons
or need a page to help find your missing loved
I will build one at no cost

Here is the link
to my page where you can submit your info
on your loved ones case


It is still a contention of ours that
Unmanned military drones could help solve many missing person cases
as well as other crimes within minutes of them being reported

The drones are scheduled to be taken out of service
why are we wasting them ?

Read This link for senarios on how
the unmanned drones could work
and for more details on that proposal

There is a link to a petition below
asking our leaders to consider this approach.

Please share this page on twitter and FaceBook
in addition to sending it to the Network TV shows Like Dateline and 20/20


The technology presented in the above link can potentially help
show THE ACTUAl abduction being committed
and where the victim was taken in high definition and extreme close ups etc. etc.

IF you are as tired of hearing about
missing women, children and men and other crimes as I am
You have an opportunity to DO SOMETHING

Again, PLEASE READ and Sign the Petition below
which presents more info on this solution and asks
Our elected officials to adapt existing
military unmanned drone or satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
for use by Law Enforcement to find Missing Children women and men
and quickly solve other crimes
and help protect us from terrorists

Be informed about our effort to accomplish this
YOU can see to it these acts are drastically reduced
Victims are rescued and victim's families given some peace

Had this technology been in place over San Bernardino Ca.
the shooters would have been located within minutes

The same can be said for the Boston Bombers, The Paris Terorists
and most other crimes

We have recently started using similar drones to protrect our borders
and they are proving to be effective

To sign the petition to help get the proposed solution in Place


An example of this system is seen if you

Click here to see a close up version of the above picture of the area
where Caylee Anthony's Body was found ( taken from space )

the picture has been altered to show what is possible


Now read about the V.ALRT
and watch the Video about it below too

The V.ALRT Multi-Purpose is a personal electronic warning and
notification system

Can be used to find and locate
a lost, missing or abducted person
summon help for a person who needs any type of help
like and elderly or invalid person who has fallen


Limit 2 per order

Is $30.00 too much
to help protect your family and loved ones ?

Get the unique V.ALRT
to proect you loved ones
Click HERE for more Details

Your Loved Ones need this


The following video presents info on the V.ALRT system
which can help find a loved one who may have been abducted
needs some other type of help

Send a question to me
if you are not sure how this works


And Follow me On Face BOOK too

David Cisneros
Missing From Colorado Springs CO.


Would using satellite picture technology help find MOST missing persons Like David Cisneros and Jessica Ridgeway
and solve other crimes ?
We believe it can Save Lives while sparing families the paid of dealing with a missing loved one

Please Read the info found on this page

David and Jessica Ridgeway a 10 year old girl from Westminster CO., Colorado are both from Colorado
Jessica Ridgeway 's Body was found on Oct 10th
by Westminster Colorao Police, who are not revealing much info in order to protect the investigation


Details On Dylan Redwine

Missing From 11/19/2012 Bayfield CO


Kara Rose Alongi is Missing
Clark New Jersey - Click HERE

Find this Woman Click Above


Find Lindsey Baum

and PLEASE PLEASE look at the Lindsey Baum FACE BOOK PAGE AT
This link


Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker

This next case has been solved and missing person found Safe

16 year Old Antoinette Garrison
was missing Missing
From Fort Collins Colorado, CO.
It has been reported Annie has been found in Texas
Click Here for details


Another one of the missing persons presented here has been found
Kristi Merrill

Kristi Merrill Carmichael CA
Petition For Kristi Merrill Case
Kirsti Merrill - FOUND Sign petition - More To Do


Now a missing women from the Same small town as Kristi Merrill - Carmichael, California
Are there more girls missing from the area

Linnea Lomax

Linnea Lomax
Carmichael CA.

More Info on Linnea Lomax

Linnea LomaxLook for the New Search Listings



Help Find Christina Whittaker Young Missing From Hannibal Missouri
Her Page is HERE



Help find Kyron Horman HERE


Michaela 'Mickey' Shunick
Mickey Shunick ( Michaela )

Here is a Link to Mickey Shunick's Face Book Page
Please Like it


Two missing girls in Evansdale Iowa
Lyric Cook and Elisabeth Collins

Lyric Cook, Elisabeth Collins

Missing Evansdale Iowa Cousins

CLICK HERE For The Kristen Alcorn Story

The NEXT three cases - Jennifer Kesse
Tracy Ocasio
And Michelle Parker
went missing just 5 miles from each other

Jennifer Kesse

There is a picture of a Person Of Interest on the website see the "POI Photos"
Someone knows who that person is CLICK HERE

Find Jennifer Kesse - Orlando FL


Drew Kesse, Father of Jennifer
Has A Radio Show which can be heard online on Tues and Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m.
Friend Drew ON Face Book for more detials


Tracy Ocasio

Click Here for More ON Tracy Ocasio


Click on Michelle Parker Pic for more on her case

Michelle Parker Missing Orlando FL
Michelle Parker Needs To Be Found


Lauren Spierer Is still missing
See this page

Joe Helt Is Missing

Help solve this cold case
Joe Helt needs to be found


Help Find Brittanee Drexel


And below are more Links to many of The Pages I have built for the missing and other crimes
some are links to other's pages
Again contact me IF you need a page

Please Read How Trayvon Martins Murder could have been solved
within minutes after it happended

Had the system we propose in the Change.org petition found on this page been in Place
We would have Avoided all the controversy and racial tensions that have come out of it


Over 2000 American Women children and men go are reported missing every day
Here are more of those Missing More Cases

Jacque Sue Waller

Click Here For Details on Jacque Sue Waller

Jason Scott Adkins
Tabitha Tuders - Missing
Heriberto Ocasio
Jason Scott Adkins Tabitha Tuders Missing Heriberto Ocasio

Jason Allen Ashley
Colton Barrera
Phoenix Coldon
Face Book Page
Rosemary Day
Hailey Dunn
Jason Allen Ashley Cotton BerraraPhoenix Coldon Case Info
ON Face Book
Rosemary DayHailey Dunn
Tabatha Lynn Franklin
Tabatha Lynn Franklin

Joanie Hall
Gabriel Johnson
Patricia Lalonde
Finding Joanie HallGabriel JohnsonPatricia Lalonde

Dawn McQueeneys Page on Face Book
Found Safe - Please Stop and Share



Debbie Key

Stop and Contact Bill Widman- And Help Find DEBBIE KEY

Submitted By Bill Widman


Lori Jean Lloyd
Jennifer Marteliz
Kristi Merrill
Stacy McKinney
Latasha Nevitt
Lori Jean LloydJennifer MartelizKristi MerrillStacy McKinneyLatasha Nevitt

Rebecca Rusty Porter
Susan Powell
Tom Ray Starkel
Venus Stewart
Karen Swift
Rebecca Rusty PorterSusan Powell Thomas Tom Ray Starkel Venus Stewart Karen Swift


Please sigh this petition to Help
The family of Murder Victim Nicole Ayres
Change the law on prison terms for Murderers



Here is the Mitrice Richardson Case
Which happens too often
and her Father - Michael Richardson's fight to get justice for his daughter

Why do parents and loved ones of the missing have to endure such pain and agony

Police need to cooperate fully with families of the Missing
The solution presented in the petition seen on this page
would make it easy for police to solve these crimes
PLEASE READ THE petition HERE and ADD Your Voice

Again: Next are sites with info about our effort to stop these crimes
We have a solution presented in the Petition ( furthest on the right )
and need Your Help Getting the attention of those who can implement it

Our solution is based on the facts: We have the satellite picture taking and transmitting technology
and IF Adapted for use by Law Enforcement it would
Drastically reduce crime and spare tens of millions of families
and individuals the pain of dealing with a missing loved one
or being a crime victim

Educate yourself then share the info you find with everyone == any way and anywhere you can

Our Main Website
Read How Technology Would Work
Our Efforts Main Web PageHow the system Would Work


Amy Charron is Missing
Houston Texas - Click HERE

Find this Woman Click Above



about Amy Charron disappearance

Amy Charron was Missing -
outspoken Parental Rights activist Amy Charron
was reported Missing from Houston Texas
Read Her story amy charron missing houston texas TX fACE BOOK

Diana Zacarias is Missing since 04/02/2016
from the South Rim Grand Canyon Please help and Pray for her safe return
Diane Zacarias

Diana Zacarias

missing daughter loved one Help find the missing

Diana Zacarias found to be missing from National Park Grand Canyon
join the Prayer Group to find the missing


Click Here for a Page for the Michelle Parker Case

">http://cruci34.angelfire.com/prayer_for_the_missing.html pragyer group for missing woman children and men