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The Moffatts Band Biography

Frank and Darlana Moffatt's firstborn son was born on March 30th 1983, in Whitehorse, Yukon. Less than one year later, on March 8th 1984, Darlana gave birth to triplets. They named their boy Scott Andrew Moffatt, and kept the trend with multiple names up, giving the triplets each three names (Clinton Thomas John, Robert Franklin Peter and David Michael William.). Frank and Darlana were later divorced, and both remarried. The boys grew up with Frank and his new wife Sheila Moffatt, while their mom Darlana - renamed Darlana Jahrig - ran their fan club for several years.  With so little time apart them, the four grew up as though they were all born in the same year. When Scott started public school, he only attended for one year until the triplets reached schooling age, and then the four were all home schooled at the same level.

Music became a part of the foursomes’ lives at an early age. Starting as a country act in 1994, the Moffatts became the youngest group to sign a major label deal in Nashville. Realizing that their musical influences were more along the lines of Bryan Adams and the Bee Gees, the band began a gradual switch from all country performances to completely pop. Capitol Records supported them along the way. In 1992 they recorded their first album, It's A Wonderful World, and in 1995 the follow up The Moffatts was one of the top selling country albums.  In 1996 the band released a much less known Christmas album available on cassette only, independently. A Moffatt Christmas. But with that, their country singing days ended.  Changing record label and style, The Moffatts recorded a pop/rock album - Chapter 1: A New Beginning - in the end of 1997. For the first time they played their own instruments to their songs, Scott choosing to play guitar which had been his favored instrument since age 5. They broke through the pop market in Germany, and then swept over Canada and Asia, establishing their name for years to come. They released a more rocked up version as their first and last US release: Chapter 1: A New Beginning US version (1998), featuring the Top 40 hit “I’ll Be There For You" which was written and co-produced by the Bermen Brothers. The Moffatts have also worked with Glen Ballard who produced the single “Until You Loved Me." This single eventually became part of the Drew Barrymore film ‘Never Been Kissed."  The band is quite different from other bands of the same age. According to Ballard, “I was impressed with their focus, their discipline, the way they played together as a unit. They’re long term…" Unlike other boy-bands, The Moffatts play all their own instruments and write their own songs.  Their talent shines in their gold, platinum and multi-platinum records in countries around the world. Appearing at Parliament Hill, the White House and on numerous television shows have been a few of their high-publicity acts while they gain amazing exposure worldwide. The band continues to set high aspirations for themselves. According to Bob, “We want to be known as good musicians and good songwriters. We want to continue to evolve with every album."

The Moffatts live-material grew steadily more and more towards rock/alternative, also showing in the b-sides on their singles. Their third and last pop/rock album was more rock than it was pop, and was dubbed Submodalities, which fittingly means 'any visual change of image'.  In late August of 2001, The Moffatts finished their second Canadian tour with songs off Submodalities and hits from their long career, and announced their need for a break.  Clint and Bob began playing in a new band called Pusch, and gave concerts in the beginning of 2002. They then decided to leave Pusch and start a new band called Hidell.  Scott announced his return as lead singer and guitarist as well as keyboard player of The Boston Post.

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