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Life’s been moving slowly as of late…
I spent Thursday and Friday trying to get back into school and figure out what work I need to make up; but its so hard with all the drugs because it really makes you tried and out of it.

But the good news is that life at home has gotten easier. My mom bought me a car last weekend and she has been letting me take it out. For the time being though she will be driving it because gas prices are so high and it cost 70+ bucks to fill up the suburban, so my mom is looking to sell the suburban *tear* and buy a smaller SUV.

I haven’t been such a pain in the ass lately like I usually am. I’ve just been keeping to myself but at the same time more ‘social’ with my parents.

I went out to dinner with my mom the other night and it was weird…like we were talking. She was talking about how she is going to Miami on Sunday and that if I wasn’t sick this week that she would have bought me a ticket to go.

So good news! It’s May!! 19 days till my baby boy comes home!

I’m excited!

He comes home on prom weekend and I am looking forward to spending the whole weekend with him.

People keep asking me to go to prom but I am really trying to save my money for the apartment and stuff for next year.

I did talk to my parents about the apartment and they weren’t against the whole idea but they defiantly need to think about it. My mom said that she would pay for my health insurance, car insurance, cell phone bill, gas, and if I needed spending money for like groceries or something, So I think that would be cool.
I believe if I got an apartment…It would help me gain some respect and trust with my parents and we would get along a lot better. I have spent this year fucking up my trust with my parents by lying to them about where I am going and getting caught, sneaking out or sneaking my boyfriend in the house and getting caught, and just lying straight to there face. I mean in October I was on such thin ice with my parents that were considering sending me to boarding school.

Shit…I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs and I don’t smoke…but I guess my parents weren’t too happy about me being sexually active. In a meeting with my parents (that I had with Mitie) my dad was like, “ I would have never thought that my own daughter would lose her virginity at 16…I am ashamed”

I can never make my parents happy. I don’t get amazing grades. I cuss. I stay up at night to talk on the phone(they hate that). I like Mtv(my mom thinks that’s ridiculous). I like to spend time on the Internet(my mom thinks I spend too much time). I comment usually about everything (my mom thinks I’m annoying). Sometimes I don’t think before I speak (my mom thinks I am just being a snot or a smart ass.) I like different things than my mom (my mom thinks I only like different things because I would never admit that I like something that she likes…not true.)

I think you get the picture.

Anyways I think If I get an apartment…wait…I know if I get an apartment…I am going to grow up a lot. Like I am not going to be a normal 18 year old next year. I am going to be more independent; with me going to work and paying bills on time and feeding myself and staying in shape. So that’s why I am hoping that my parents let me get this apartment. So I can prove to them I am Independent and I don’t always need them.

I know they are worried that A will be over and he will…a lot. Haha. But they shouldn’t worry about that so much…because it’s my life. :)

I can’t wait till next year. I’ll be going to Arizona to visit my best friend. I’ll try and visit Rachel down in Florida. And A said that we will make plenty of trips down to Tech, so I think it will be fun!

Alright I think that’s enough writing for today…I started work yesterday…It wasn’t bad. I didn’t know so much effort went into ice crème. Haha.

People should come visit me next weekend…(I only work Saturdays till the summer then I start full time)
Alright…I’m out!

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Until next time!

May 1, 2005