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About Me

Name: Samantha (sam, sammy, sammae, sammy-sue, sammy-kate, sammy-skate, sam-bo, caitilin...i could go on..)

Location: VA

Age: 17

People in family: 4, mom,dad, lil bro (4 years apart)

Color of eyes: brown

Color of hair: brown with blonde highlights (no they arent fake)

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Height: 5'5

Favorite color: red and blue mainly but all colors except purple and brown

Driving: yes, got my permit (the driving thing is a long running story..)

Boyfriend: yup, named A

Favorite place to shop: toughy...Anf, urban outfitters, american eagle, XOXO, guess (only for their jeans), Nordstrom and bloomingdales.

Grades: really...honestly...Some A's. Some B's. Some C's. Some D's. Some F's. Hey it happens.

Sports: soccer, basketball, golf, and tennis

Favorite animal: dog and i love piggies

Travel: i love to travel. before i leave this world i want to see everything.

Places I've been: New york, Canada, CT, TN, Chicago, PA, San fransico, Hawaii, FL, MASS, Maine, Maryland, NC, SC, colorado...i dont know places

Cars: I LOVE SUV's but i dont mind the mercedes converibles. I know this is werid cause im a girl..but im a car freak..i like a lot of them out there.

People i listen too: linkin park, dido, system of the down, staind, goo goo dolls, chevell, trustcompany, liz phair, seether, filter, SR71, jet, yellowcard, michelle branch, red hot chilli peppers, 3 doors down, Incubus, nirvana, AudioSlave, Usher, ashanti, Mainly Rock, i like R&b and hip hop and some country.. i dont know whatever is hot!

Likes: jumping on beds, jumping on trampolines, the ocean, hot tubs, back rubs, smoothies and milkshakes, hugs, listening to music and just driving, art (not a huge fan), soccer, basketball, my computer, tv, movies, poetry, working out, phone calls past midnight, nascar, watching the stars, laughing and smiling, tanning, clubbing, camping

Dislikes: fakes, mini vans, people with an anouying voice (my best friend doesnt understand why, but it just makes me cringe i guess), being cold, liars, yelling

Afraid of: Oh my god..people are going to freaky fear afriad of water pipes. not the little ones, the big ones. I just think they are going to explode or something. I hate the dark but only when its just me. Yea..i dont like thunder or ligthining either. That fear isnt as bad as it use to be starting to get over it.

In ten years: Where I see myself in ten years...tricky..Hopefully settled down or getting there. Living on some coast like a mile from the beach where there is always warm weather. Nice I love kids..I want the mininum of 2 and the Max of like 4. I wouldnt minded adopting either. Oh and i'm sorry..I'm gonna own a dog :)

Job: Ive been through so many phases..Nurse (but i wouldnt be able to handle medical school), Lawyer (for some reason i went through a phase where i wanted to go to Harvard), Architect (still thinking about it), Im in the process of wanting to be a teacher like for pre or secondary elementary. But i wouldnt mind being a housewife and staying home with the kids.

April 6, 2005