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About me:

I'd say I'm easy going. I like interesting
people with depth, who can laugh at them and
don't take life too seriously.
I look at life half-full, I love with all my
heart, and I never give halfway. I have
the most amazing friends, who I
appreciate more than anything in the world
does. I believe love is unconditional, I
believe in soul mates, but I believe
mostly in soul-searching. I realize that I
will always be searching and always
questioning life and love, but that is what drives me.
I like sitting in my room and
listening to music and just thinking. I
think too much and over-analyze all
situations and I am neurotic. I love to
laugh and smile, I love dimples, and
always look for answers in eyes, eyes never lie.
I believe in getting hurt, I think a
moment of complete happiness is worth all
the pain that follows. I know that I will
always be all right. I love my family, I
am amazed by my sister passion, I know
that our relationship is unbreakable and that
her love for me rests on no expectations.
I think heartbreak is necessary. I think
challenge is necessary, I pity those who
don't experience it. The most challenging
of days makes me realize the beauty of my life.
My life is a musical, and i always
have music on in the background, each song
representing a different part of me. I
like sweet smelling lotions and weddings,
I love movies that are pointless and movies that
leave you questioning. I stress out about
life and school, I need to learn to
appreciate life more. I think success
comes with hard work, I never want to have
to look to someone else for stability, I
need to always be an individual and I want
to be able to support myself. I know life
can always get worse, but I also know
that I will always be loved, because I
will always love. I believe you can never
say never. I love questioning, i believe
that they harder life gets, the more I
become ME. I think confidence is a
beautiful quality and should
never be looked at as negative.
I like to stay up all night and
talk about life, I love friendship and I
love questioning others. I never want to
grow up, I want to be a student forever. I
believe imagination is a necessity,
dreamers shall be dreamers. I believe in
forever, but i live life day by day..... I
live by the words of Our Lord that "this
will all make perfect sense one day....