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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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About Me

Well I'm not terribly sure where to start. I guess with the usual useless facts. I'm 16 at the time of writing and I come from a little town/place called Stockport in South Manchester, where it rains a hell of a lot, although today (sometime in September 2004) its pretty nice, cloudy but t'aint raining..... I'm a student at Stockport Grammar, if anyone actually really wants to know, and ,well, I love archery ,in fact I shoot as a member of the Bowmen of Bruntwood. Oh and finally, yes that picture is of me, but it isn't what I normally look like, it's a photo from a sketch show run by Laurence Watson, if you want to know more about that go to here www.theguerrillawatershed.tk In fact go there now, before you even look at the rest of this site, because it is really well done, and well there is a very nice teaser trailer for you to download...must remember to ask for a little sponser money for that link. Anyhow, I have been writing poetry for just short of a year now and the only reason why I do so is because I find it a brilliant way of expressing myself...I tried music, yet it wasn't to be...I seem to remember a certain music teacher declaring that "I needed special attention." After hearing this I decided that music wasnt for me...or I wasn't for music not sure which. I decided to write this simply as a way of storing my poems and an easy way of giving them out to people who ask for the files are damn small! If there is anything else that you feel the need to know just go to my faceparty thing at www.faceparty.com/imageofreality. Hope to hear from you all, and if I get enough response I might make a nice little response section....but that's up to you!

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Just contact me if you wish to use any of the poetry on this site!!! And thanks for reading!!