There to make you think: Worry
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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Swirling, smokey; It burns.
Is this when everything you have turns?
All your desires; all become fires.
All your lust; disintegrates to dust.
All your love.
Do you still feel complete,
When inside, you are but heat?
A worm inside an apple,
A wasp inside an orange,
Both eating their way out,
A miraculous feat.
Is this what happens when
All you do is ponder and reflect?
When everything to get worse,
Nothing to remain the same,
Is all that you expect.
Are you eaten out by heat?

A heart made of limestone,
Hollowed out by a flooding of concern,
Now I have a hole, a gap;
Give me you hand, put it there.
Now do you feel that crack?
I can't repair it all alone, 
I need a helping hand.
The fires I put out; soothing and cool.
I changed my mind; stopped playing the fool.
All my desires; all became fires.
All my lust disintegrated to dust.
All your love. It never changed,
You reassured me with your touch.
Now I realise mine didn't either.
I love you so; so very much. 

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