There to make you think: The Hardest Thing
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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The Hardest Thing

Flip a coin,
Watch it tumble.
It's your life;
All a jumble.

Watch it spin;
It falls in the air,
Your whole life rests on this
As you stop, stand: and stare.

What will it be?
Where will it land?
Your thought as you
Stroke; the gun in your hand.

You watch it descend.
Soon you will, be happy: or dead.
It all depends upon whether
It's tails; or a head.

And so it stops.
Right there on the ground.
A small smile proves,
Your answer has been found.

You lift the gun and
Press it to your head.
But do you accept
What the coin has said?

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