There to make you think: Sorry
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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Is this a useful word?
Solve all. End all. Cure all?
If Winter said sorry and all the birds heard
Would this stop them fleeing south?
Doubtful. So why do we all, play ball
And apologise?
If I apologised with the token phrase 
Would you take me back?
If the father apologised to the son in a daze
Would this remove the bruises from his face?
Would it cure his faltering esteem?
Unlikely. So why this obsession
With ‘sorry’?
Should it mean something?
Does it depend upon the tone?
Is there a certain ring,
To ‘sorry’ when it cures the problem?
Can I call you up on the phone
And just apologise?
All these seem to say the same.
So why does everyone stand,
Apologise and feel the shame?
Does it heal the injured surface?
No. It solves the ache of heart.
Turns the unchecked feeling of guilt
Into relief.
Sorry is a selfish word.
There to cure the speaker;
Not the hurt.

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