Relationships: Something I just can't say
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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Something I just can't say

Don't worry, this poem's nothing major,
I just felt the need to tell you,
To tell you something I can't say.
Do you remember that first thing,
That first part of me I told to you.
The one which said I didn't really know,
still can't.
Express my thoughts,
the ones floating in my head.
My thoughts are a sealed chest,
My words being the key.
But it just doesn't fit.
Don't worry though,
You'll just have to help me;
Help me break it open,
bit by bit.
But now I will write,
That which i was trying
to say to you throughout
the whole of last night.
My heart is yours
In all that we do,
For good, for bad.
Whatever we go through.
In all that we do,
I say it again, but also;
In all that we don't.
Never forget that I'm here for you,
Please tell me you won't.

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