See yourself: Self-Disdain, How Vain
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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Self-Disdain, How Vain

Looking in a mirror,
I see a reflection of me.
Thinking to myself, 
This isnít how I wish to be.

This image that I see,
That isnít the real me.
Iím all back to front, 
Left to right; right to left.

I watch the image smile,
Quite odd as I do not,
Oh wait I am, how odd;
Is the feeling something I forgot?

I watch the image scowl,
I feel my anger burn.
I fly at it with a howl;
Destroy me with my fists.

I canít see me now.
I have no proof that I exist.
Glancing down I see,
A little line of red, encircling my wrist.

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