See yourself: Retrospect
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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I really should think,
Think before I speak.
Now I just want to scream,
And drown myself in drink.

Thereís the bottle there,
I see the fluid swirl.
The reflection is temptation.
The whole thing is just a dare.

I see myself reflected,
All pieces stuck together 
Trying to look like one,
One bye one; rejected.

I reach out and lay,
My palm upon the neck.
I feel it cool and calm.
I pick it up and pray.

This fire in my throat
Burns me slowly, scarring.
Upon a memory of you 
Is all that I now dote.

I donít know why
I said those things,
But huddled in a
Corner, trying not to cry,

I realise what I miss,
I wish for you here,
However much you hate me, 
I wish for that first kiss.

Finally I cry,
Lying here alone,
Thinking, for the first time, 
As I drink to die.

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