People: Misunderstanding Between Friends
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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Misunderstanding Between Friends

One by one we are marching on,
Leaving you lost behind.
You think of us, then cry , then moan.
These heartfelt sounds drift across,
The rift you caused between us.
We stop; then pause. Then shrug
And carry on, walking long forgotten paths.
All we wanted was a chance ,
All we asked for was some time.
In which we could explain our actions;
And their cause.
You would not grant this
So we left, and now you cry behind us.
These cries are chasing, hounding haunting.
I pause. We stop. I turn. We look.
Into the void behind our tracks,
Where you are confused, lost. Alone.
I canít withstand, we canít hold out
Against the sound hunting us.
We weaken, crumble, torn and dazed.
We stray off our line.
One by one we are marching on
Towards the cry that calls us.
You are forgiven, we are mad.
Friends we were, friends we are.
Friends are all we have.
One by one we are marching on,
Together for good or bad.

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