Revelations: Lost, Found and Stolen
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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Lost, Found and Stolen

Iíve become nothing, thatís the game
Love plays with me.
Iíve become what I thought
You wanted me to be.
In body, appearance and name.
My mind has gone.
A shadow of the past.
The spirit of the real me.

But this is what occurs
With that little thing called love.
It appears to be all white and
Celebration; the essence of the dove.
Then it will dawn.
That red light will be upon you.
The curtain has been drawn.
With love, you soon will find,
You cannot be yourself;
Only what you think
You obsession wanted you to be.
Soon you will forget
Which is the real you.
The one you try to hide
Or the one you keep alive.
The one from days of choice,
Or the one without your voice.

Yet it isnít as bad as it may seem
With the person you found to replace
Your own, you may have caught your dream.
Unless you did what I did.
I found out later; that the person I replaced,
The one I lost; ran fast far away,
Was quite suited to her taste.
However the new me
I had created for her
Wasnít what she had wanted.
She wanted me, the real me,
Not this impostor to be.
But I think she took away with her,
Another part of me. That special part.
The one with all your hopes and dreams,
But above all else: your heart.

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