People: First Lesson
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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First Lesson

I hate the way people forget,
All these promises that they make.
It doesn't seem to bother them
That all they say is fake.

One such example is this;
A good friend promised me,
I would see her in a month;
This is year number three.

The next one is quite bitter,
It's all about my ex,
She promised me, you see,
Her and my mate, were not having sex.

But even then, it was so clear,
So many recurring trends,
And so I ended up alone,
And they are more than friends.

But leave the past behind us, 
Leave it lying there,
It doesn't really matter now,
Like old, dead skin and hair.

I just wish people who,
Make promises without thought,
Would remember that first lesson.
The one their parents taught.

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