Choices: Best of Three
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Ex Animo Defuncto Te Adloquitor Hic

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Best of Three

The first move is always the hardest.
Pawn forward two, or a knight to jump?
Pawn it is, but which one?
The choice is hard; why am I white?
If I went second then I could follow,
Copy the game the other plays.
Play along 'til I pull the noose tight.
From now on the game is violent.
I can see it; you are beaten;
The ratio is one to 3.
But what's this; You don't seem bothered.
In your eye, a glint of pleasure.
I see the ploy; a typical scheme.
I counter, then suddenly my King is honoured;
With a visit from your Queen.
I look to escape, but I'm dead.
The King has lost his throne.
And so we play once more, 
The match is best of three.
This time I'm white instead.
But I still can't make my move.
I dislike going first you see.
But wait; when I went second,
I lost, that first one of the three.

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