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Yeah I know that everyone has this in their website ... well so do I. Making your own tombstones is very easy and a lot more cheaper, and it gives your front yard a spooky look on Halloween !


A few sheets of Pink foam or Styrofoam (I found that  Pink Foam is a lot more durable than Styrofoam.)

Pencil/Pen/Writing Utensil of your choice

Hack Saw

Wood Burner

Wonder Cutter Click Here to learn about the Wonder Cutter

STEP ONE: First draw your design of the foam.


STEP TWO:   Then you need to cut the tombstone out using a wood burner, a hack saw or The Wonder Cutter. WARNING!!: Both the Wonder Cutter and the wood burner get extremely hot use with caution. Hack saws work but they're very messy and make a lot of dust.

STEP THREE: Next draw what you want on the tombstone. After you draw it you can use a wood burner and trace the writing. This makes it look like stone at the end. You can also make designs and cracks in it.

STEP THREE: Last, you need to paint the tombstone. I always start with a flat grey latex paint but you can use whatever color you like. You can also do some shading with a flat black. That's It. You've made your own tombstone!. NOTE: DO NOT USE SPRAY PAINT TO PAINT YOUR TOMBSTONES!  This will dissolve the foam. There will be pictures I just haven't put them in yet.

Here are some things to put on your tombstones

 I Told You I was Sick

Abbie Normal

B.A. Ghoul

Barry A. Live

Barry R. Bones

Ben Dover

Bill M. Lader

Candy B. Goode

Dawn Under

Diane Rott

Fester N. Rott

Hammond Eggs

I. Emma Ghost

I. Emma Spook

Jess Gough

Justin Pieces

Justin Tyme

Kerry M. Off

Lefty B. Hynde

M. T. Tomb

M.T. Box

Manny Bones

Mark A. Place

Mummy B. Ware

R. U. Next

R.I.P. Van Winkle

Reid N. Weep

Sue D'Bum

Ted N. Buried

U. R. Gone

Wil B. Back

Willy Rott

Yetta Nother

Yul B. Next




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