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Puking Exorcist Head

Puking Exorcist Head
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I got the idea of making a puking head after watching The Exorcist a few times. In the haunted house I work at, I designed a bedroom scene in the style of The Exorcist. I wanted to make the head spin too but that didn't work at all (water everywhere)


(1) Foam Head



3-4 Feet of Tubing (fish tubing)

(1) Small Hose Clamp

(1)Submersible Fish Pump

(1) Pot/Bucket



     Eyes Go Here

STEP ONE : You need to prepare the Styrofoam head. First dig a hole in the neck leading to the mouth of the head. Then dig holes out for the eyes.


 STEP TWO:  Next, put the tubing through the hole in the neck, coming out through the lips.



STEP THREE: Then you need to build up the face using an oil-based clay. Make sure that you put clay around the eyes so they donít fall out. Also make sure that the clay doesnít cover up the tubing.


       Mouth                       Eye Ball

STEP FOUR: After you sculpt the face its time to paint! I used some craft paint for the base coat. I made it a light green but you can make it any color. Then I did some other colors with an airbrush. You can add highlights of different colors if you like. I used an airbrush because it blends the colors really well but it's not necessary. After I did highlights I made some dark circles under the eyes and added a little bit of purple to the lips. I then painted the eyes red and to finish it off I sprayed a few coats of Krylon Matte Finish. This seals the paint so it wonít get damaged form water.



STEP FIVE: Now its time to Put together the pump. It's quite simple. Just attach the other end of the tubing to the pump and use the clamp to keep it from leaking. Depending on the size pump you might need a different size of tubing



STEP SIX: Almost done! You need to find a large pot. Donít fill it all the way the puking action makes the water splash so you donít want is all the way full. After you put the water in the pot, place the pump in the water so it is under the water. Then plug 'er in. Make sure you aim the puking in the pot not on the fool!. Then you can make a body out of some PVC. You can also dye the green with food dye. WARNING: Food dye stains clothes so be careful! And thatís it! Youíre finished. I put this project in a bedroom at the haunted house that I work at but you can put it in your yard if you like. Well thatís all for now! HAPPY HAUNTING!

Questions? Comments? E- Mail me at phantommyst1007@aol.com


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