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Alien In a Can
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Alien In a Can
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When I decorated my front yard I wanted to make an Alien Area like Area 51. I came up with idea of making an Alien in a can that turns his head on his own. What i really wanted to do was to make an alien pop-up using pneumatics but I have NO clue how they work. so I settled on the turning head thing. The project is fairly simple. Here are the materials.


(1)Metal Garbage Can

(1)Tripod (if you don't have one, you can make a platform out of wood)

(1) Oscillating Flood Light Fixture NO BULB!

Duct Tape

(1) Can Of Great Stuff

(1) Can of Neon Green Spray Paint

(1)Alien Mask

First put the tripod in the can and duct tape the feet of it. Then attach the flood light fixture to the head of the tripod with more duct tape (you use a lot of tape in this project!). Now put the alien mask on the flood light fixture. You might need to stuff the inside of the mask with some newspaper. Next take a black garbage plastic bag and tape it along the edges of the can with more duct tape and tape the other end of the bag onto the tripod. This is to cover up where the body would be if it was a real alien. Last spray the great stuff on the can to make it look like toxic waste. I spray painted mine green but you can use any color. That's it! your done.

Here are some pictures of the alien in the can. There will be more pictures coming soon on how to make it.


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