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Critics,crap and croutons...


Maple Cross

Oltsu is a rocker

The metal news in Finnish

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Use your refridgerator junk wisely!

My opinions my views,and I just don't care if you disagree!!

Who am I?

Me? Well, I'm a 30yrs old fellow from Finland, to be more specific, from Oulu The Mecca of Metal. Life here in north is relaxed easy most of the time and of course filled with music,sports,friends and lots of good time! We drink we play, we'll sink the next day. I've lived following my motto: If I live in Finland, I'll live in Oulu, If I don't live in Oulu, I don't live in Finland Zaneiro.

You'll find some links to life of ours from here as well,maybe some pics, and definitely nothing that interests you at all!

I do play bass, I do Kickboxing, I love football and women, I'm "jšvla hyvš kokki", like to spend time in the nature, I like to drink and party, but there's also nothing wrong with the quiet evening with someone special, I talk a lot of crap and hate lot of things and people (don't get me wrong, I'm a social person,but some people just suck, and I have a right not to like them! I don't believe in races, just the persons)I'm confident and fun to hang out with, not perfect but who is?!?! I read and watch movies, I might not be the one myself, but I do believe in old style "Gentleman" values, I hate superficials and hypocrites, like I said my opinions, my views, can't make you like 'em, don't care if you hate 'em....My fun.

If you have not get bored or angry with me yet, feel free to check out parts of my life.