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helloo. this is a webpage i have made to tell this super story for you. oh yes. it is a story called "dude, you've got the scissors". below is the story. andnad some cartoons. i drew them. in like. 3 minutes. on the computer. wicked fast. cause im tired and i want to go to bed but im all excited about the scissors ok so lets go !!!!!!!!


so there we were. minding our own business on the highway, driving along for the lunch for my little brothers 13th birthday. wee! we have the cool white car, and i'm the one with the green arm and hands hoplding the sign that ssay DRIVING! cause thats what we were doing!

so there we were driving when all of a sudden we pull up behind this little car that was sort of big. i dont know what color it was really. i dont remember. but all of a sudden we saw a pair of BLUE HANDLED SCISSORS! teetering from side to side on the back of this persons car. my dad was all "I THINK ITS A LITTLE OLD MAN" and my mom and i were like "gasp..."

the first thing come to mind to us was "WHAT IF THE CRAZY LADY COMES TO A TURN AND SHE TURNS REAL FAST LIKE A SPEEDY GRANNY with ELDERKY RIGHTS and the scissors fly off the trunk and hit a jogger?" the images in our mind were gruesome. they were pretty bad,,,,,

so there we are. and we dont know what to do. we syas WE HAVE GOT TO TELL THIS LADY! WE HAVE TO TELL HER SHES GOT THE SCISSORS ON HER ROOF. so we pull up next to her and we sit there and we start to yell. my dad starts to yell "DUUUUUDE! DUUUUDE! DUDE YOY'VE GOT THE SCISSORS! DUDE YOU'VE GOT SCISSORS!!!!" as he flailedd his arms like a madman and pointed.

she looked pretty scared. and she looked even more scared when all of us started to do the scissor motion with out index and middle fingers. ya know, like scissors, ya know?


we were moving our fingers up and down. our hands were pointed all different directions. it looked like we were giving her alien signals. i toook the roof off the car in this draawing to sho3w you what we were doin. now we;'re in some sort of boat like convertiblke car. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. YEAH. and its safe to say we look like lobster weirdo guys in this car. what. what. what, i cant draw? listen man. just listen right now. i am so. tired. can you hear that. DUUUUUUUUUUUDE.

so there we are. my dads screaming dude. we're all doing the scissor thing. this lady looks damn scared. so we pull away from her, and get to the left of her iunstead of the right and pull a head a little. and people were all honking at her and she was all THEM GANGSTERS CANT LEAVE ME OH. OH I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DRIVBE IN THESE PARTS AGAIN.

the more and more i think about it...the more and more i wonder if she was gonna be a karate ninja granny. ya know? or if she was preparing to back away from the gangsters. cause she definitley thought we were like "HEYYY WE ARE A GANG OR A CULT OR HEY DUUUUUUDEEEEEE" she thoguht we were some kind of crazy driving scissor cult thats it! my hand hurts!! but ya know. who knows!

well. after a while we passed the old biddy, but not before giving her many scissor hand signals before zookming away to our crazy scissor gang meeting in berrtuccis restaurant. THEN WE SAW A DUCK AND I FED HIM A PEPPER. and then he was ours cause the second i fed him a appere A LEAGUE OF OTEHR DUCKS CAME OUT OF NO WHERE AND THEY WERE LIKE "hahahA! ytou thought he was a sad duck but he was just the steak out duckj!" they didnt get no freaking peppers!!!! and it was like..............................alkjflKJ!LJLK!JLK!JlhnlfhanlJLhljhfanP!OIOIPi1p! pomflard..>,