The Morning Report: Horrors of VCL
I don't think I even need to point out how stupid this is. This is why furries get so much shit from everyone. If they aren't busy screaming and snapping at every stick poked at them by TEH HY00MANS AND MUNDANES, they're busy sodomizing each other to gain even a little bit of prestige in the Internet Pecking Order. Yeah, I agree with the EmoCollegeGoth furries that ICPHighschoolGoth furries and ChubbyBeardedGay furries should realize that: 1) There's more to life than listening to ICP and drawing gay Scar/Mufasa scat porn.2) There's nothing wrong with being homosexual, unless you masturbate to gay Scar/Mufasa scat porn. (Also, if you like ICP, you are a numbfuck.) But why is it okay to draw a pitbull wearing nothing but a towel around his waist as long as you Photoshop out his nipples and erection-bulge (which you know are there not only from the obvious tone of the picture, but also from the fact that you're advertising the "uncensored" version on FurBid)?How does it not blow your minds to be so vastly hypocritical? Sex-obsessed furries are so fond of the Yiffy Holocaust metaphor, so why is it okay to ONLY KILL THE JEWS A LITTLE BIT?

Horrors of VCL is kind of amusing in theory, because there is a lot of horror on VCL. The "artists" on there do need a brisk slap in the face from reality. What the world at large does not need are animetards grunting out mound after steaming mound of unfunny comments to prove who has the biggest artistic cock. JTHM avatars and pretentious backbiting will not win you mainstream acceptance any faster than parading around in a semen-crusted fursuit and fucking plushies will. Ha, ha, this guy's foxtaur porn is AWFUL, just look at that terrible technique! MY foxtaur porn is so much better because I took a college art clas! Also, we don't want to know about what you prefer to buy on FurBid when you're cruising for wankfodder, but that was just a sidenote. Here's the main point again, in case you missed it. YOU'RE STILL FURRIES. PEOPLE WHO HATE FURRIES WON'T LIKE YOU, EVEN IF YOU HATE OTHER FURRIES. Solly, Challie.

"And nobody got it. They all thought he was an 'adorable yiffy puppy'. o_O;;; ...furries."