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~-* FRIENDS!! *-~ 0. Chris------ I LOVE YOU AND YOU LIVE IN CANADA SO FAR AWAY FROM ME!! But i am the temptress and i will be there to tempt you in your sleep.. Keep this in mind.1. Shavonne- Girl you are my sister.. really you are XD Lol and i love ya 2. Jason- Your gonna be my bro soon.. I HOPE!! XD MUAHAHA LYLAB 3.Jessica- Ur like my sister and i love you.. holly stop being the evil bunneh with glowing red eyes that watches me all night when i'm at jessica, I've seen yu staring misseh!! 4.Brad- Your my brother and i love, stop telling me your gonna kill yourself cause if you do , i'm coming with you 5.Jacob- I love ya Stop Hurting Jason Damnit!! 6.Domiel-- I love you, Good Luck with everything >:D< 7.Tanna- All hail the chicken queen!! *bow*loser*bow*loser J/k I love ya girl LYLAS >:D< 8.Tray-umm.. Yeah Love ya >:D< 9. Micheal-Love you too ur funneh MUAHAHA ..Mmk >:D< 10.AMBER RIPPY- Girl, I love you. You ARE my sister. not blood, but mentally. yeah your weird at times.. but . who isn't?? :) we need to get together and practice :P and they didn't have the talent contest damnit!! Mr. chilton said they would!! :*( anyways Love you >:D<>:D:D< 12.Manson- Your sexeh too. but still neways.Love ya and ya can sing like.. Woah ya know? >:D< 13.Brandi- Though we've gotten in fights over some stupid ass shit, Your still my 2nd best friend if not my first...Mrs. cheerful person!! AHH Lol j/k. Ur my Best friend for ever and ever, past the dirt, through the grave, to heaven or hell we will be together for ever and ever and so on C ya call meh !! # 789-4670 or walk to meh XD LOL 14.Jake P-MUAHAHA i'm still gonna kill you.. but it's ok. i'll bring ya back and let ya live ..maybe.. 15.AmberF- Mrs. gospel singer person. U can sing good child.(gets teh lil voice) But i'm still gonna come haunt you MUAHAHA see you at the gates of hell.XD 16.AmberS-Hi cornchip Lol kinda stupid.. but yeah Remember this. "Amber OMFG you got boobs!!" that was going around school and you were like " NUU Go away!!" Lol .. your stupid.. DUN BRAID YOUR HAIR IN CLASS MRS. HILL WILL GET YOU!! ..Btw. i braided my hair all the time and she never said a thing to meh..Hmm except when i almost fell asleep XD lol I hate math.. Love english though WOOHOO 17.Shinee- Dumb blonde.. yes the shirt goes great with ya Lol.. head here, arms here, tuck in here XD lol >:D< LYLAS 18. Stacie- Hmm what to say.. Scareh.. :D that fits you LYLAS >:D< and i still remember ur number!! MUAHAHA 19.Ashly Crawford-(no ppl it's not a typo) Girl. know you since.. 4th grade? Damn we've had fun you must come to my house this summer and work out with me.. And u can help me get a tan(which won't happen) 20.Stephanie Sawyers-Girl make up ur mind about boys hun.. :P you lil slut !! *-snaps-* and ashly would call me a hoe.. and you would call me a cunt or somthing LOL i like those play fights.. See ya over summer hun!!>:D< LYLASWait your gonna leave me all alone in Mount Airy too!! NUU I must go to Northsurry 21.WAlls-(no not shinee again) XD walls. you have been there to talk to during the night when i can't sleep. and when i hear you talk back it comforts me. like ur watching me.. I love you walls!! *--cries and hugs the walls--*. I'm an emotional person damnit.. And you all should know it!! 22.Sun- You are not my friend.. you are bright and give me headaches' 23. MRS. CAve-(reading teacher) Mrs. cave you helped me find some things in writting and it was fun!! WOOHOO still never got a copy of the magazine meh poem was in Lol :D your funneh and cool.. but you have a mean side -.-'' sadly enough i've seen it.. 24.Mrs.Hill- You are an emotional support for me. and told me to be what i want to. You gave me a Big Hug when i got suspended.. (still the most stupid thing) But i'm glad you were there. and you did help to make math more entertaining even though u didn't like me and amber singing in class Lol 25.Curtis- HAHAHA yeah .. sry for being kinda mean towards the beginning of the year. but ur cool 26.Amber Walker- Yesh i was planning on being mehself O-o'Lol LYLAS see ya at the graveyard on halloween? ..which one?!:*( 27.shawn- Dear it was kinda stupid to tell everyone you were gonna blow up the school :P anyways see ya next year i hope.. if ya don't get expelled again!!!LYLAB 28.Wyatt-MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*--dies of laughter--* ok.. enough said mister class clown :P umm.. if ur not on here i'll get back to ya .. trust meh.. i'm not a good rememeber but i'll getcha on there . :D ~~~~~~++--TAYLOR SIMMONS--++~~~~~~~ in loving memory of , you passed out on second base. but u'll never stop playing in the hearts of your friends.. even though i didn't know ya. hERE IS Me AnD meH SISSEH SHAVONNE TALKING RIGHT NOW. HAVING A PLAY FIGHT XD- veronique_the_midnight_temptress: GO USE THE DAMN TOILET BITCH! dev: WHY? veronique_the_midnight_temptress: *--DIES LAUGHING--* veronique_the_midnight_temptress: CAUSE THE YEARBOOK FUCKING SAID SO dev: I DONT HAVE TO GO!!dev: IT DID?!?! veronique_the_midnight_temptress: I DUN GIVE A SHIT! dev: SHIT!! veronique_the_midnight_temptress: LOL veronique_the_midnight_temptress: *--CLAPS--*dev: HOO veronique_the_midnight_temptress: I'M BITCH SLAP U BITCH IF U DON'T STOP FUCKIN WITH MEH DAMN WORDS veronique_the_midnight_temptress: LOLdev: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!! BITCH!! lol veronique_the_midnight_temptress: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?! BITCH veronique_the_midnight_temptress: ??! dev: I HAVE TO MANY!!veronique_the_midnight_temptress: ME TOO veronique_the_midnight_temptress: LOL dev: *drools* veronique_the_midnight_temptress: O.o veronique_the_midnight_temptress: *--hands u a towel-*- MUAHAHAHA lol.. we are crazy.WOOHOO WEll .. Anywords for that one.. Hmm.. I think not.. .. ... DOTS !! YAY THEY TAKE OVER FEAR THEM!! .. Or Else.. I come and haunt your dreams.. Which is a kinda scareh thought.. SSooo Dun Make me do it!! >_> <_< I am getting bored and updating YAY ME!! Feel The Burn!!!Oo Mmk Right :D Just smile and it'll all go away.. Or people will look at you weird and tell you not to smile because it makes little kids cry.. Soo Either way.. Dev remember i was looking at william and he started to cry oh my god i can never forgive myself :(( Emotion.. O-o ..lol \\m// Goin to another page.. See ya on there Lol.. Maybe..

Email: veronique_the_midnight_temptress@yahoo.com