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My Crazy World

things that amuse me

Ah yes, thank you for venturing into my crazy world. it can be quite strange if you don't know me (or even if you do). but strange can be fun :) i like listening to music, painting/drawing/creating junk, driving my car, hanging out at work (now THERE are some strange people....). i've only been home 4 months. before that i was in a bootcamp type school... yeah, if you wanna read how good it's made out to be, just click on my link about the place you don't wanna be at. it's like making hell out to be a sauna that you want to spend your eternity at... but it's their job. they gets uber amounts of money.

the places i go...

my livejournal
for shits and giggles
some fun games
a place you would never want to go to...
my pictures!