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Hello and welcome to my little vanity centre, a site devoted to the detritus of my writings. I decided to put these online, because certain people keep bugging me to let them read some of my stuff, and this way at least I can devote an entire webpage to excuses as to why they're so incredibly awful. Most of what's here I'm not so very proud of, but for some reason even I don't understand, I refuse to permanently delete anything I've written. So I figure the internet's as good a place as any for it.

But please don't think my unerring abhorrence for my own creations gives you the right to steal 'em! They're mine, be they good or bad, and I'd appreciate it if you'd be kind enough to decline from plagiarism(it is illegal, after all).

Not that such a request is terribly necessary, seeing as how chances are you're here because I gave you a link, which means I know you. Which is why I'm not going to introduce myself. If you know me, then you don't need an intro, and if you don't know me, I'm spared the embarrassement of claiming ownership of these pages, and I get to revel in being a somewhat enigmatic figure for once - something that I never seem to be able to pull off in real life, however much I'd like to.

So, enjoy these pages - mostly of my writings, and maybe one or two other things that amuse me. And feel free to offer up your own two cents - or more, if you wish - in the guestbook. (Speaking of money, I don't have any. Nor do I have any extensive knowledge of creating websites, which is why the design on these pages are pretty much minimal, and it's just an angelfire freebie. My powers of webdesign pretty much extend to making line breaks, italics, and colours, and links.)