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Stupid Facts About Us
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n.a.m.e Kerri 11.18.89
a.g.e 14
l.i.k.e.s Art, photography, movies, writing, making movies, reading, pretending to play the guitar, rock music, the White Stripes, mystery novels...
d.i.s.l.i.k.e.s Ignorant people, stereotypical blonds, sexist people, etc, etc.
a.i.m lll whitestriped

n.a.m.e Tanya 1.26.90
a.g.e 14
l.i.k.e.s Gravity Sports, hot guys, rock stars, slate, black, dark stuff, rock, art, and soccer. Reading, drawing, writing, and being a really cool chameleon. w00t.
d.i.s.l.i.k.e.s unfairness, blondes, preps, selfish people, getting up, being judged...the list goes on.
a.i.m varekae