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So, before you begin this subliminal journey, you need to be aware of a few things. One, random words and pictures throughout this site contain a message. For example, by clicking the picture of the screaming person on this page, you will be taken to another page. Try it out, and look for more throughout the site. Two, subliminal messages are everywhere, and to survive, you must find them.
Oh well, here we are and here you are, looking at this site. I have two words for you: subliminal messages. Two more: are everywhere. Now, us, being the slightly paranoid and crazy people we are, have noticed strange things in this place called United States. Well, at least our state. best.

Actually, having a mohawk is really cool. Although, I'd never embrace it. Oh wait, that's not the topic. Yah, just thinking about the example thing for this template. Oh well. Now! Back on track!!

We have here a sampling of what America is trying to tell you.

Beware and understand.