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cAStle SpirES

castle spires
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MESSAGE: An angry Disney artist drew an offensive image as a castle tower.
THE STORY: Apparently, there was a "phallic symbol" in The Little Mermaid's artwork. It went unnoticed by the public for about a year while the film was in theartres. Then Entertainment Weekly ran a story about the "offending artwork," and the rumor became widespread. Stores even pulled the videos off shelves while Disney worked on an alternate cover design.
WHAT DISNEY SAID: The artist, not Disney, commented on this and hurried through the background detail (often at "four in the morning". He acciddently drew one spire that bore a rather close resemblance to a penis. The artist didn't even notice the resemblance until it made news headlines.
WHAT WE THINK: It does look a lot like a male reproductive part and we like it. I mean, it's totally wrong and offensive... but maybe it was just a mistake.
DECIDE FOR YOURSELF: Look at the picture and tell us what you think in the guestbook.