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squashed bananas

something about squashed bananas

Message: Rafiki chants, "Squashed bananas up your arse," in the talking Lion King book.
Determined to Be: Untrue.
The Story: A talking Lion King book (you know, the ones where you press buttons and hear songs or voices) made headlines in 1994 when parents claimed that the phrase "Squashed bananas up your arse" could be heard when children pressed the button with Rafiki on it. The sound clip was a short version of the chant Rafiki says in the movie: "Asante sana. Squash banana. Wewe nugu. Mimi apana."
What Disney Says: The chant is Swahili for "Thank you very much. Squash banana. You're a baboon and I'm not."
What We Think: When this phrase is said over and over, the words run together sounding like "Squashed bananas up your arse." It's probably not intentional.

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