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Ski Trip 05

Me and Kev drinkin berrrs

Me and Kev drinkin berrrs

Tiff stuffin her face and Susie cleanin up after her

O NO its serious drunk talk time

Scotty Kev and Dave-O

I think we got stuck it the door jam

Close up of Kell drinkin a beer and in the back the party begins

Party gets a lil crazier (dont worry we have this on video tape)

Susie, Hollie, and Jessica

Ozzie shows up for the benda can't have a party without him

LOL look at that fuckin retarded cross burned into my hand but the shirt is funny too

Tiffany and Susie not really doin much of ne thing pretty obvious

I guess this is the girls ski team

Whoa dude Nelly is takin off her pants and shes like right next to me lol I dont even know and I think Tiff is gonna puke

Friggin Goofball right here

Some Hankey Pankey fo shizzle

Kev gettin naked

Birds eye view of the party

Dave, Maher and Kev

OMG lol Tiff blockin the sun I think

Double teamin it

Now its just my turn biting my lip hittin that shit