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Welcome to #Spooksville's Website

      #Spooksville is an IRC Channel located on the Undernet Network, founded by the_aDb, at the beggining of year 2003, and oficially registered on 20 June 2003. The channell was initially founded as means of a meeting place for a group of friends, but in the same time open for both, any curious 'tourist' wanting to join a dark and bizzare place, and watch the show and also for the the native "freaks" and excentric / bizzare individuals alltoghether, 'making' the show for the others.
      Unfortunately, but also, as an inerent result, this state of things was misunderstood and misinterpreted by some people which began attacking the channell, and throuout the last month before registration, several takeovers, and even an attempt by the intruders in registering thus making it a real war and a great challenge for the real visitors and channel regulars. During the registration process the channel got almost 40 (!!) objections against, reporting all kinds of untrue abuses that would have been done (sayd the objectors) by the channel regulars and by me, which obvioulsy turned out to be pure lies, as the channel was accepted for registration, and the objectors turning out to be users who mostly didn't even joined our channel and were convinced to post objections by one or two users who failed to understand the roles played by the various individuals in the channel, and feared this lack of understandig, which was transformed soon in hate and accusations of intolerance.
      The overall experience however, had helped me draw several conclusions and stands up not only as a testimony of how superficial interpretaion of things, and fear of that which is not understood, turns out into hate and how easily those who accuse others of intolerance, can themselfes become intolerants as well, but also as a warning for those who are going to express something exquisite and profound enough to be interepreted in more than one way,to make sure the audience is on the otherside of the stage.

                                                                                                                                        Best regards, the_aDb -
UJO Magnificent Paranoiac.
                                                                                                                                                                 21 June 2003

         the_aDb   (me)
         Aenima / loke
         Riverburn  / PhreakInc

        You may write anything you want about anything you want to say , suggest or complain to or

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