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My Hybrids, Sparky and Thumper

When one thinks of an experimental killing machine that would know what could result in the processes of such things. Some are created of bullet and blade proof hides and with built in weapons of all feasable sorts. Some though are trained in countless melee and martial arts. He was not. He was sort of a failure. He was extremely unpredictable, his animal sides to strong to be controlled by the drugs available. He is sort of a Skitzo due to chemical unbalances, half of his brain (Thumper, who uses Scarlet text) was the assassin, the killer his master would be proud of. Always brandishing his ears high and hair pulled back out of his eyes, and normally a high-powered semi automatic weapon at the temple of some unfortunate. The other portion of his being is Sparky,(whom uses Blue Text) the raw animalistic urges of his rabbit heritage. The most notable cause of this transformation is the sight or touching of female flesh, thus drawing from his subconscious the nympho of his Rabbit heritages. This process is reversible by either solitary confident, a hormone shot (who Thumper carries in his trench coat’s pocket, or quite plainly busting his nut. He is most notable nude (or near such.) hair loose and known to perverse even the most scarred and chaste of things. While in this sort of form he retains no knowledge of his trainings, improvising combat where needed and a beast of epic legions in the sack.

Character pictures and Cybercon

Cybercon-where you can find this chatacter.
Thumper in his trench and an unlucky Kitsune who thought frisking him was the best of ideas XD
This is Sparky in all of his male hormone educed glories!!