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UPDATED:This page has been recently updated. Man, it's been a long time; I've been busy puttin' on shows around eastern cape breton. Anyway, here's somethin' for a laugh: The other day I was in the perfume section at the Hudson's bay in the Mayflower mall. A service lady comes over and asks, "Is there any particular fragrance you're looking for?" So I says, "yeah, somethin' that'll smell great on your pussy." And what a fuckin' attitude she gives me! All I wanted to do was by some perfume for my girlfriend since Valentine's is less than a month away.
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My name is Shannon George Whalen. Within the content of this site you'll find material about shit that I hate, and stuff that I like and love. I chose the colour pink for the link colour because pink symbolizes the purity of a pretty girl, and I chose purple because I like the colour.

I love guns. I own a 12 gauge shotgun that is capable of blowing one's head clean off their shoulders if they're not careful. Of course, I would never bring one to school. I also have a .22, and a 30 odd 6. I also have a couple tommy guns and 9mm's, but who's countin'?

One time I had a shot of good high-grade heroin. My nose is was running, I was warm and sweaty, and I was feelin' great. It was my first and last time though. If I ever do drugs again, it will only be every now and then, and just mild, nonaddictive stuff like cocaine, PCP, and cigarettes. ENJOY THE WEBSITE!

Things I love and Hate

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