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For many years now I have been sleeping in fear. Not of ordinary night-mares or even night-frights yet I beleive that I have been travelling a collective dream scape that is inhabitted by a secret-police of Shadow People.

Almost every night I will find myself exploring this dream-scape and encountering this shadowy sect of the night. I beleive I have also met other real-world travellers in this land. I can't prove this, for I haven't been able to get their waking names or contact information from them in this realm. I hope that one of my fellow travellers will see this page and contact me.

In this dream-scape my name has always been Keyholder. I did not choose this name myself, yet I find myself saying this to whomever asks. I understand that this will seem insane to most of you. This page is not for the non-beleiving. It is an educational help-sheet to the open-of-mind and a network for my fellow dream-scape travellers. If we can band together maybe we can more strength in that realm and better avoid the Shadow People.