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Yuna is the daughter of High Summoner Braska, and is a summoner on a pilgramiage to defeat Sin.On her pilgramaige she is accompainied by Kimari Ronso,Lulu,Wakka,Riku,Auron,and Tidus.Kimari was Yuna's guardian since she was very young and still travels with her.Lulu and Wakka are like her big brother and sister who are always there for her.Riku is her cousin who is an Al Behd.Auron was her father,Braska's guardian when he went on his pilgramiage to defeat Sin.Tidus is the cheerful riseing Blitzball star of his homeland Zanarkand who has feelings for Yuna.Yuna also has feelings for Tidus and she becomes upset as her journey comes to an end because she knows she'll never be able to be with him again..Yuna has a dangerous journey and...a terible fate as a summoner.Yuna not only has to complete the Final Summoning will cost her life to do so and that is where Tidus comes in.