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Rikku is the daughter of Cid Highwind and an Al Behd girl.The Al Behd is like a family to Rikku.The Al Behd are the enemys in this story.They try to take Yuna away from her Gaurdians but, not for a bad reason.The Al Behd think it's wrong for a summoner to go on the pilgramiage because of their fate at the Final Summoning.The Al Behd created many machina to try and defeat Sin but, all attempts failed and they gained Spira's hate for useing the machina against Yevon's teachings.Rikku is the young cousin of Yuna and doesn't want her to complete the Final Summoning.She often talks to Tidus about it and together they think of a way on their way to Zanarkand.

Rikku also stars in Final Fantasy X-2 in a search for Tidus 2 years after they defeated Sin.Rikku is older now,17, and a spear hunter along with Yuna and a new,quiet, character Pain.The Al Behd help them along the way on their search with their aircraft.Together, Rikku,Yuna,and Pain are known as the Gulwings.They search all over Spira on a journey to find Tidus.