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Kingdom Hearts

Welcome to the Kingdom hearts section of Forgotten Hope!I'm cloud here and I'll be your admin for this section!Now, as some ppl may know, Kingdom Hearts is a story about three teens trying to get to another world.It starts off with Riku, who's the one who wants to go to another world and has always wondered why he was put on just that one island.Kiri and Sora are helping Riku build a raft to cross the ocean so they can go to the other world.Sora is the main character in this story who's little quest to go to another world turned into a big quest to find his friends and get back home after he helps defeat the heartless who have taken over the worlds!But...what do you do when your best friend gets turned evil and wants to kill you?Sora has only one way to turn and thats to Kiri who has been taken away with the bad guys and Riku.The door to the light is waiting..what can he do?