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Raven's Rules

The lights go dark for a second and Raven's music hits the loudspeekers and the crowds stand to thier feet and starts going wild.Raven is then seen walking from behind the curtains and stops to look at the crowd

Raven keeps walking down to the ring as the camera pans the arena to get the crowds appreciation of Raven and The Flock.Raven jumps up to the middle turnbuckle and signal to the fans his trademark pose and the crowd goes even louder in cheers.

Raven jumps down and turns to the ring announcer to get the microphone.The announcer turns around to grab a mic and he turns back to Raven only to get The Raven Effect!Raven then looks at the motionless body and picks up the microphone as the crowd is now cheering even louder.Raven grabs the mic and sits in the backside corner.

Raven looks at the crowd and see's them cheering as the chant loudly "Raven".Raven lifts the mic and begins to speak.


Raven::Amazing Red, I will feast on your pain, I will feast on your anguish, I will feast on your hatred. You will hate me more and more and more.Earlier tonight you mentioned Mikey. That he helped you.I helped you.In some ways or another.Me and Mikey both watched each other and learned new patterns of attack.So when he taught me.Im sure he used me as examples.So really I taught you. Why can't you acknowledge that. What about me Red? What about Raven? What about me? Well I'm the Tag Champion and you are not.Im the HaRdCoRe Champion and your not. Reincarnation is not that so far off Amazing Red. It's not that far off. And you and I will face each other. And grievances will be solved, you and I will end it once and for all and unfortunately for you the outcome will be nothing like you envisioned. There will be no mercy. There will be no fear. All there will be is the Raven Effect and as you lay there on that mat in a semi state of consciousness and wonder... wonder to yourself why... why did I do him wrong? Why was I so selfish. You will think that maybe next time you will make a wiser decision. You will make a wiser choice.You will take a wiser path.This poor guy was caught in the path of Raven.He knew nothing about my power.he knew not to do the right thing and run away.He only knew that it was right in his mind to stay and fight.I respect him for that.He is one superstar that I can say am now honored to do battle with.At first it was fun and games.Thinking that I could just go into this very ring and beat down Amazing Red was a miscalculation.Most when in a match with me will cower at my very feet.But Amazing Red has stood his ground and has not backed out.Red me and you will give the fans what they truly want.They are not interested in the Triple H and Daffney match.They do not care to see the Sting and Bret Hart match.They have come to see us do battle.And do battle we shall.The entire purpose of human existence, is to kindle a light in the darkness of being. We are a nation of hollow stuffed people; bleeding together; heads stuffed with straw. Like wind in an empty street, or rats feet over broken glass in a dark and forgotten cellar.Throughout the trials and tribulations and the heartbreak and the misery that is my life, there is only one man who's advice I've ever headed. And he told me there are two rules. One there are no rules and two is someone must feel the Raven Effect.Now don't get me wrong now.I respect you and hold you to the highest authority.But like I said time and time again.Respect and Dignity run a fine line down some barriers.And my dignity will not be broken by some boy who wants to become a man.It seems that in all this week it has been me and you promoting this very event.And we should be main event status.But what can you do.It also seem that this is more about respect now than winning the Extreme Title.Which is quite funny.But you will feel the power that I have been storing in my life.All the hatred from my father.The selfishnious of those who were greedy.And the raw power for those who I have destroyed in the past.Fate wields a large dose of power.And fate always delivers.So it is written,and so it will come to pass.Quote the Raven,nevermore.

Raven drops the mic and walks up to the ramp and does a quick 180 and poses once more for the fans reaction and spins back around

Interview sceen with lilian Garcia

Lilian::Raven,we have seen the promos that you and Amazing Red have given to each other about wining this match later tonight.It seem to me that you and him are evenly matched.You both have you hearts set out for the demise of the other.How do you respond?
Raven::Lets put in words that everyone will understand.Amazing Red has very much potential.The only thing that he need to do is how to control it.When he gets excited he does stupid things that cause him the match in some cases.Just look at the Triple H match with him in it.He got excited that he was winning and The Game took advantage of it.Thats why Triple H is so talented.He know how to utilize what he knows.I plan on giving him a hard lesson tonight that he will soon not forget.So grab a pen and paper because he will need it.Take some notes kid because your going back to school.And im a tough teacher.
Lilian::Well spoken but how do you respond to all the challenges that have been thrown down to you this wwek.Y2J,Shane Douglas,X-pac all seem to want a piece of you.How are you going to deal with all these individuals?
Raven::Sean Austin will give me a match next week.It will be Raven,the Tag Team Champion,The HaRdCoRe Champion and soon to be Extreme Champion,versus Shane Douglas and X-Pac in a triple threat match.I can not wait for that match but there is still some unfinished buisness that I must attend to first.
(Don Callis walks up to Raven)
Don::Raven lets get ready to beat the hell out of Amazing Green.
Raven::I told you not to call him that.His name is Amazing Red and tonight we will be fighting for the chance of a lifetime.One of us will be thrusted into the spotlife after this match and I hope he can recover from the emotional damages of me leaving him behind.And Don.If you or any other member of the Flock interfere in the match there will be hell to pay for all of you.Amazing Red I know your in the building and I know your listening to this right now.I hope that you are ready.Are you?We all commit certain acts in our lives of an unsavory nature. Some bad, some worse, some unspeakable. Sometimes we suffer in silence, sometimes we seek redemption. He's got what he wanted, but in attaining salvation there's a price that must be apid. One must give up a bit of one's self. The road, or the end of the road as it is, may not be quite as, not quite what you expect. The glowing light at the end of the tunnel may not be the beacon of righteousness that you envisioned. It may be some horribly disfigured funhouse reflection of your own inner dreams.But none will prepare you for the awesomeness of my might.I wish you luck my friend.And may the best man win.

(Raven walk off leaving Don in a state of suprise)