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Hey Chicka Chicka Shakey Shakey (Welcome)

Hidey Ho one and all. You have entered a very highly approved site by those that would make your drawers drop. "Who could these people be?" you find yourself asking. Will I tell you? Naw. Now what fun is that? Let's see here. I spose I'll eventually organize my site into fun and interesting topics: Music, School, Life, Paint (my skills in the wonderful world of Micrsoft Paint), Poetry (Not too much'll be there), Delectable Interests (quite yummy). What else is undecided as of now. It is summer, and that means I will cower in my bedroom, disconnect the phone, and get aquainted with Internet. So perhaps this will be updated most often. I had a website a looong time ago and I was an addict to it, so that'll probablly be the case here.

Things I Love the Most

My Favorite Web Sites

My Online Journal
My Musical Tastes
My School Life
My Poetry
The Paint Legacies 1
The Paint Legacies 2
The Paint Legacies 3
The Paint Legacies 4
Quizes I've taken
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