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Kevin Preslar
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Use this to verify hyperlinks
d. hyperlinks view

Can be nested within one

c. lists
Specific point within a file to which a hyperlink may be made
e. bookmark
Utility for repairing hyperlinks
a. broken hyperlinks
Hyperlinks which link to files that do not exist
b. recalculate hyperlinks
The four types of text that can be configured within the Page Properties dialog box are Three fonts common to almost all web browsers are Copyright, fractions, and international characters are examples of

prints in a fixed-width font.

  1. The blink effect is an impressive enhancement to any Web Page. False
  2. The ability to insert horizontal lines in web documents is a very recent development. False
  3. All font sizes within a web document are defined relative to the userís browser default. False
  4. A hyperlink can be made to an e-mail address. True