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Lesson 15


Windows standard audio format d. wav
Macintosh standard video format a. QuickTime
Sun Microsystems standard audio format b. au
Windows standard video format f. avi
Macintosh standard audio format e. aiff
Sound file generated by synthesizers c. midi

Fill in the blank

MIME are the Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions.
AVI is the format supported by FrontPage for the inline video without a plug-in
AU and MIDI are the most cross-platform friendly of audio
Real Audio files have an extension of RA or RAM
Wav, AIFF, AU, and RA are examples of waveform audio files

True or False

The inline video created by FrontPage can be viewed in any browser False

MIDI would be the best format in which to store Beethoven's Ninth Symphony True

A special HTML tag is required in order for visitors with Netscape Navigator to hear background sounds created with FrontPage False

A background sound can only be triggered once per page False