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Lesson 14
Kevin Preslar

Fill in the blank
True or False


Scrolling text message d. marquee
Series of rotating graphics c. transition effect
Display of number of visits to a site e. hit counter
Alters appearance of a page when browsed a. hover button
Hyperlink containing visual and/or sound effects b. banner ad


Fill in the blank

Transitions and Marquees function only in Internet Explorer.
There are 25 different hover button effects.
Marquees and Page Banners are java applets
10 number of digits allows you to specify how many digits are used for your hit counter.
You can add a unique look to your hover buttons and hit counter by using Custom Picture.


True or False

A hit counter is a java applet. False
A marquee functions in Netscape, but not in Internet Explorer. False
A hit counter can never be reset. True
Marquees scroll only text across the page. True
Sound can be added to a hover button. True