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Lesson 11 review

Kevin Preslar

Fill in the Blank
True or False



1. Style defined for one particular element within a page a. external style sheets
2. Style sheets that are linked to one or many pages e. cascading style sheets 2.0
3. Styles defined within the header of a page b. embedded style sheets
4. Provides positioning functions c. inline styles
5. Part of a CSS rule d. declaration

Fill in the Blank

6. FrontPage 2000 supports versions 1.0 and 2.0 of CSS
7. There are three types of style sheets: Inline, Embedded, and External.
8. External style sheets are applied by creating links from your pages.
9. An Embedded style sheet is contained within the <HEAD> tags of a web page.

True or False

10. Style sheet files end with the .SSF extension. true
11. There are several style sheet languages. false
12. External style sheets are written in HTML. true
13. Embedded style sheets can define the font for multiple pages. true
14. The declaration part of a CSS rule declares the element to be affected. false