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Folding@Home is a distributed computing program. Distributed computing allows work and research that would not otherwise be possible, often involving biological or chemical computations so complex and immense in scale that instead of being run on a computer, supercomputer or cluster, they actually must be divided up and shared among many thousands or tens of thousands of computers at a time. When you install and use a distributed computing program you are downloading a small chunk of data for your computer to process unobtrusively in the background, which is uploaded after completion. By utilizing this technology, anyone with a home computer and broadband connection can take part in helping find cures for diseases such as alzheimer's, cancer, and HIV.

The Folding@Home project is specifically concerned with protein folding. Currently Folding@Home tracks about 70,000 users each day, exponentially decreasing the amount of time invloved in said research, and making it possible to see the fruits of this effort within our lifetime. To see past, current, and future projects, and all the real information on Folding@Home, visit the official Folding@Home website.