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       Note: This poem is my response to the March for Women's Lives 
       held in Washington D.C. on April 25th, 2004.


       We stomped our feet all through the streets of D.C.
       Chanting, singing, demanding.
       Adolescent girls with Mohawks linked arms with heads of state.
       In crowds and metro stations we scanned for buttons and stickers
       That would identify us as sisters and brothers.
       We astounded ourselves by our sheer numbers,
       Inspired that so many others shared our vision.
       We waved our rainbow signs to any who would stop and see.
       We celebrated ourselves, each other.
       We renewed our strength so we could return home and 
       Write letters, hold workshops, cry, make calls,
       Attend meetings, pay bills, raise funds, and hope
       That one day, others will carry on.