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       I have known how to tie childrens' shoes and how to change a diaper
       known fear of my father
       known God in a rainstorm
       I have known how to make homemade pear wine,
       how to peel each fruit by hand and how to be patient
       while it ferments
       known the orbitals of an atom
       known the death of a dream
       and learned how to pick up the pieces and build a new one

       I have known how to hem my own pants
       known pity for my mother
       known that I can be both right and wrong at the same time
       known that dogs just want to be loved
       known that some of my best friends 
       have been people that I've never met
       I have known that I can be a better version of myself
       known that life would be meaningless without music
       known that you can fall in love with someone's flaws
       known that there is more Lewis Grizzard in me than Nietzche
       I have known the value of silence
       I have known that I'm not as smart I used to think I was
       known that spirituality gets lost in the rules of religion
       known that I can love just one person for the rest of my life
       I have known that the future is still a blank slate