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    David (waNna fiGth!)   

          Kong Kong ( aCt macho..)


           Tammie's wOR.. ice Cream cake!!) 

Sun Jun  (juZ waKe up??)    

  Bryan ( mR style..??)     

  Zi Jie and SiChun ( bRothers... )

Jasu( my ah beng friEnd act onli...)..)

Fredrick ( Waa this 1 real beng... gt real tatoo sum more...!!)

Fazial (haha 1 cork face...)

Kar Ray( another cork face hahah!!)

Melvir ( 3 cork face!!! whahah)

Miss Joseph( My big boss!!) 

Zi jie( Strip dance?? )

my own anit union.. (shld noe wat we anti ba..)

clue: who's up...

Given (ppl's leh... y so sad??)

Me!! (hehe..)

MeiLing ( haha... pOor thing..)

MeiLing ( haha... hAppi liao!!)

Fredick ( Rapist CATCH IN ACTION!!) 

Fredick ( Chay.. that laundry man...) 


Guys.... pls send mi all uR piC... i wanna fill this page... onli gt 8 V paiseh for ppl to c... thX....

send in to mi at