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The Adam Neely Project

Wednsday, October 29, 2003

Wednsday, October 29, 2003

Notin' much happend today but I di talk to luc on AIM here's some excerts-

MonkeyGBA: how do you spell wenday?

MonkeyGBA: wendsday

MonkeyGBA: ?

GuiltyForFear: yeah

GuiltyForFear: wednsday

MonkeyGBA: tanks

MonkeyGBA: *thsnk

MonkeyGBA: **tanks

MonkeyGBA: darnit***thanks

GuiltyForFear: lol

GuiltyForFear: you suck at typing

MonkeyGBA: i know

MonkeyGBA: *shoots himself in head*

MonkeyGBA: *rises from dead and tryies typringthe abcs*

MonkeyGBA: acdewetgnhshfbwefsvsnxoihoejfbsjndz come and sing with me

GuiltyForFear: alright~~~

GuiltyForFear: !!!!

On a side note i'm tottally hyped for Matrix Revolutions. It looks so awsome! Luc might not come over (not confirmed yet) and Zane might come over (not confirmed yet).

So thats it for today, later

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Hello on this fine day, and if you didn't know My name is Adam Neely and this is my project. Here is some backround information I'm 13, I like Anime, I love Video Games (My fave is Pokemon Red Version) , and I LIKE FOOD.

Today was a so called normal day until we had a Tonado Drill (goodie). I was sat next to Jellisa. This would of been fine but instead Jellisa said she didn't want to die next to me. So she told Skyler to swicth places with me. That was probally the worst part of my day (so far).

I am also doing a comic like Luc but mine are better here is the first one.

Comic #1

It's Titled "Luc's Comics Suck!"

Thats all for today, later!